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radiation-polluted food

Polluted Food

95% of radionuclides get into the human body via food.

Daily consumption of radiation-contaminated food results in an increase of cardiovascular and cancer diseases.

Treatment for both types of diseases requires blood.

Cancer and Cardiovascular diseases require complicated medical treatments, impossible without blood transfusions. Without blood, cancer and cardiovascular patients stand no chance of survival. Unfortunately, regional healthcare systems are unable to supply blood.

Contaminated food




Shortage of Blood

The shortage of donor blood in Ukraine is catastrophic. Due to the lack of funding there are virtually no blood bank supplies to speak of, and 98% of all blood donated is sourced from acquaintances for specific recipients.

Clinics are not equipped with proper diagnostic and storage equipment. Hepatitis and other viruses are frequently passed on.

sick kid

Save 2,000 a year

Okhmatdel Hospital treats 18,000 children each year, about 2,000 of whom are oncology patients. Most of their diseases are linked to continuous small-dose radiation exposure. Each of them needs transfusions. In the largest children’s hospital in Ukraine parents are asked to find blood donors themselves.

blood is unaffordable

Cost of blood

The cost of one blood unit is $300, twice the minimum monthly salary in Ukraine. An average cancer treatment may require 8 to 9 units of blood. Those who are blessed with families and friends, willing to gift their blood, still face blood testing fee of $72 US per unit. People die simply because for them, blood is unaffordable.



1 child saved
9 blood units


2,000 children saved
18,000 blood units



$210,000 (BLOOD BUS)

2,000 children saved every year
20,000 blood units every year

Please, help us to launch blood bus on the route of hope!
Let’s start building blood donation network and save the victims of Chernobyl
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