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New Safe Confinement (NSC) construction progress

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Within the NSC Project at the construction site the following works are being performed:

- Supplies to the site and assembly of main structures of the Western part of Arch;

- Installation of main metal structures of the Western part of Arch;

- Installation of external casing at the East Arch southern section;

- Installation of main beams of the casing (Western Arch);

- Delivery and installation of air ducts, preparation for installation and installation of air ducts and supports in the annular space of the Western and Eastern parts of Arch;

- Preparation of jacking towers sliding ways (movement) for 3rd lifting of the Western Arch;

- Dismantling of tension and blocking system, coiling of steel wire rope;

- Installation of structures and casing of swing panel ОП-1 of the Eastern part of Arch;

- Works on technological building and auxiliary facilities arrangement are underway.

* Engineering building – assembly of foundation slab and wall reinforcement, installation of formwork for wall arrangement, concrete curing;

* Electrical device building – reinforcing, installation of formwork for wall arrangement.

On August 26, 2014, after second jacking, the Western part of Arch is lowered and fixed on holding devices transferring 100% load to the foundations.

Assembly of metal structures of Western section of the Arch till second lifting completion:

Metal structures assembled in total – 10,261.601 tons.

Concreting of the Technological building foundation slab:

Design volume of concrete is 6,194 m3, 3,185 m3 is laid (51.4%)

Designed quantity of reinforcement is 1,375 tons, 1,347 tons is produced (98.0%)

Arrangement of peripheral walls of Technological building:

Designed concreting (walls and ceilings) – 10146 m3, 96 m3 was laid (1.0%)

Metal structures (walls and ceilings) – 3,228.54 tons, 54.49 tons was mounted (1.69%)

Source: ChNPP News

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